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VPAG NEWS – July 2024

VPAG Festival & Dog Show – Saturday 14th Sept. Please put the date in your diary for the biggest event of the year in Victoria Park! More details soon from Shaun.

Feral Folk Coffee: Refreshments should be available from the coffee van by the Lodge this month on Thursday, Friday & Sunday, from 8.30am-4.30pm, but closed on Sunday 28th July.

Having a picnic in the park? Please ensure that:
a) Barbecues are not lit on dry grass or under trees and hot ashes are not left unattended. Apart from causing fires, in the past hot ashes have burnt children’s feet and dogs’ paws.
b) Litter – please take all your litter home. The bins cannot cope with the volume in hot weather and seagulls and foxes will soon scatter the contents of any rubbish bags left next to bins.
c) Noise – please have consideration for other park-users and keep the volume of music low: not everyone shares your taste in music!

Wildlife: The wildlife in the park is busy over summer: plants are growing and animals & birds are breeding, so dead-hedging can’t continue round rewilded areas right now. The Council is trimming exuberant foliage along paths to protect park-users from nettles, brambles, etc. Look out for notices coming soon that explain the strategy behind the park’s rewilded areas.

Table tennis table: a crack in this table means that the Council will have to remove it soon before it collapses and hurts someone. There are plans to ensure that another table tennis table (or two) is installed before too long.

New drainage on path: The Council has put in a new drainage system for the path that runs parallel to St Lukes Rd. After last night’s heavy rain, the path didn’t flood!

Tree needs sponsor: The Council has informed us that a dead Norway Maple located near St Luke’s Road will be removed in the coming weeks and its replacement can be sponsored as a memorial tree via

Bristol Parks Volunteers Health & Safety training: there is a free online session on Tuesday 23rd July, 5:45 – 8.00pm. For more info & to book:
Next meeting: Monday 5th August, 7.30pm in the Bowls Club. All are welcome!

Next meeting: This will be on Monday 5th August at 7.30pm in the Bowling Club. Come along and share ideas for improving the park – everyone is welcome

*You can make contact via this link:

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