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VPAG NEWS – January 2024

Volunteering opps in the park: If you would like to keep the park attractive and wildlife friendly:
a) Help remove unsightly graffiti and tagging in the park by contacting Danny* who is coordinating this and has the chemicals needed. Also let him know if you would like to adopt an entrance and keep it clear of business notices and tagging.

b) Spring Clean – Sat. 6th April, 10.30am-12.00, starting at the Lodge: make a note in your diary and come along to help with litter-picking and other clean-up activities.

c) Help with wildlife activities: a variety of these will be coming up soon. Contact Harry* if you are interested.

No time to volunteer? Donate some money! It costs a lot of money for VPAG to run free events like the Festival and the Bonfire in the park. In the past, enough profit was made through the sale of refreshments etc to cover costs, but events are now running at a loss. Please help community events in the park to continue by donating via Thank you!

VPAG is now a Community Interest Company (CIC)! To enable projects and fundraising going forward, VPAG has formally become a CIC. This should not affect our role in the park, but one small change is that the email list will soon be called VPAG Friends, rather than VPAG Members, as there is a more formal meaning for Members within a CIC.

St Lukes Road heritage project: The Museum of Totterdown is running a new community initiative focussing on St Luke’s Road and Crescent. It aims to bring to life bygone stories of the people, places and events relating to these streets. There were houses, shops and pubs on both sides of St Luke’s Road until the 1970s, including on land that is now within Victoria Park. To find out more – or to contribute your own memories to the project – please contact John O’Connor*

UWE MA students research: The MA Architecture students’ report on Victoria Park is now available for you to read on the VPAG website: Research Report 2023

Bedminster Green tree petition: Park users who would like to support local people who are trying to save mature trees on Bedminster Green from being felled by developers can sign this petition:

Next meeting: Monday 4th March. 2024 at 7.30pm in the Bowling Club at the top of the park. The main meting will be preceded by the Annual General Meeting
Everyone is welcome!

*You can make contact via this link:

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