The Water Pipe

A water pipe was constructed in 1190 AD to carry fresh water from a spring in rural Knowle to the people living in the area around St Mary Redcliffe Church. The route of the pipe passed through fields in South Bristol, some of which became Victoria Park, and the underground pipe can still be traced through the park via marker stones which show where it goes. There is one down by the five-a-side pitch and another near the MUGA (multi-use games area), as well one in the grassy area near the gate to St Mary Redcliffe Church. They look like this:

Since medieval times an annual Pipe Walk has followed the entire route of the water pipe from its source to St Mary Redcliffe Church, originally to check that the pipe was in good condition. Unfortunately, the section of the pipe from Victoria Park to the church was affected by bombing of the railway line during the Second World War so water doesn’t flow through the whole length. Until recent years it came up in the middle of the Water Maze shown below (see more about this under Facilities). The Pipe Walk usually happens in October and anyone interested can join in – see here for details:

The St Mary Redcliffe Maze in Victoria Park was created in 1984